Retirement Administration for Small Businesses and Financial Advisors​ - Serving Ohio & Beyond


At Life, Inc. Retirement Services, we understand that the retirement plans you bring us are not always the only, or even most important, part of the relationship you may have with the employers, executives or other key personnel at the employer. It's because of this recognition that we want you tell us how to manage the relationship. We already commit to Superb Service, Accurate Results, Tailored Solutions and Utilizing Technology with every client, but we want this relationship to remain yours as much as you want it to be. This means that you decide your role in the relationship, from completely hands off so you can focus on expanding your firm, to running everything through you as the point of contact, and every variation in between. You never have to worry no matter what the approach is; we treat all of our clients with the highest level of service, and sign a Do Not Compete Contract with you and your entire book of business if you are in a state that we also serve as a Registered Investment Advisor in. 

  • Defining how you want us to provide the best service for you and your client is important to us. All of these options are meant to be tailored for the experience that you and your plan want, so if you realize that for something like distributions you no longer need to be a part of down the line, we can still go to you for everything else. Our goal is to exceed the level of service you and your plan have come to expect  no matter what our role is in that process! 

    • I'm Your Advisor You are the point person for the plan and want us to go through you for everything. We are happy to do so, but don't be shy about telling us if you want us to start going to the plan for small things, too.

    • Informed Advisor You don't need to run point, but you do want to know what is going on, and we do this by copying you on all correspondence.

    • Keep Me in the Loop Somewhere in between running the show and the occasional contact, but when something important comes up we'll reach out to you so you have all the facts.

    •  Hands Off You know your plan, and you'll come to us when something is needed. We may still check in from time to time, but your trust won't be taken for granted, and there still won't be any exception in the level of service we expect from ourselves!

    • Let's Get Something on the Books Whether it be quarterly or annually, or something more, we can always set up a regularly scheduled calls, video conferences, or meetings with you to go over your plan or your entire book of business. Normally combined with our other level of services, we feel it is important to have a regular discussion about the plan so we know what changes might be coming and can continue to give your plans a tailored experience that best fit their needs.

  • Retirement plans aren't a one size fits all kind of business, and just as you don't want pants too tight or too loose, we realize we need to provide a tailored solution to you and your plans. 

    • Safe Harbor:  To Be or Not to Be? Safe Harbor Design types can be a life saver if your plan is Top Heavy, failing Average Deferral Percentage (ADP), or Average Contributions Percentage (ACP) testing. Alternatively, if you want your Owner(s) and Highly Compensated Employees to be able to keep putting in the maximum contributions, and you are in a high turnover industry, you might find that going to a Safe Harbor design and losing your vesting schedule could be more costly than making additional employer contributions. We realize that this and other factors all weigh in on whether or not to adopt a Safe Harbor design for your company, and we enjoy being able to help you make an informed decision for you and your plans.

    • To Include or Exclude? Did you know that your sales bonuses don't have to be included when considering your employer match? How about that you can exclude certain employee classes from your retirement plan as long as you meet certain coverage requirements? These are just some of the common things we help our clients with when designing their plan to meet their business needs, but it's only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the customization you might be able to have when making sure your plan is benefiting those that should be, and at the appropriate level they should be too. 

    • I Made a Profit, Now What? Profit sharing designs can be one of the most rewarding things a plan can look at in terms of making sure that the Owners and Highly Compensated Employees are receiving the maximum benefit you intend from the retirement plan. Advanced design types such as Age-Weighted formulas and Rate Group Testing, to more simple Integrated Profit Sharing Formulas, can all be used to make sure you are appropriately rewarding your key employees.

Bottom line, we know our success is determined by the amount of trust you have in us, and in developing practices that lead the industry. We are here for both and look forward to helping your next plan!