Retirement Administration for Small Businesses and Financial Advisors​ - Serving Ohio & Beyond


I think we are all familiar with the "Keep It Simple Stupid" principle developed by the Navy and made famous by former President Bill Clinton. Now while you can debate many of his ideological and other decisions, something can be said about that principle. We get it; retirement plans are complex, but your employers' interactions with it don't have to be. We use our expertise to figure out the issues, and then provide solutions and tools that can be easily implemented, and are made easy to understand. 

If you look at our other pages by now, you will notice we want to provide customizable solutions for plans of all different shapes, sizes, and levels of involvement. In addition to the variety of plans we work with, we realize the plan contacts at our clients are equally diverse in the service they are looking for and support they need.  We have some that want to continue to be educated on their processes and develop best practices for their plan contacts and administrators, to those that have plan contacts that wear too many hats in their roles to be able to accommodate this and just want to be able to call for a quick answer. Both are right! As long as a diligent process is followed, with clear lines of communication, we believe the "KISS" principles can prevail and benefit your clients.