Four Benefits of Starting a Small Business Retirement Plan with
Life, Inc. Retirement Services Versus Other Providers!


Benefit One

Low Cost 401k Plans

We work specifically with small businesses to navigate the complex rules of 401(k) plans and choose the one that best fits the needs of your business. On average, businesses save 68% with our 401(k) plans and never any hidden fees!


Benefit Two

Local Service Providers

When you choose Life Inc. Retirement Services as your small business 401k plan provider, you get access to a dedicated representatives right in Columbus, Ohio. Don't hassle with call centers when you have a question about your retirement plan - your point of contact is local and will be available to promptly address your questions and provide your with proactive answers.


Benefit Three


Empower your employees by giving them access to retirement planning and education about their 401(k) plans. Your point of contact will come on-site to meet with your employees in groups or individually to answer questions, increasing enrollment and participation.


Benefit Four

Tax Advantages

When selecting the right plans for your business, our experts also look for applicable tax credits and deductions to save you more. With our 401(k) plans, your company may qualify for $1,500 in tax credits!

As a leader of a small business, you have multiple roles and responsibilities competing for your attention. You also know that offering a competitive 401(k) plan is crucial to retaining talent and helping your employees plan for their future. Our Columbus-area retirement plan experts are ready to help you find the best-in-class small business retirement plan options and manage the complexities that comes along with them, all the while keeping your costs low. Contact us today to learn how you can save up to 68% on a small business 401k plan for your company and receive dedicated, local support with Life, Inc. Retirement Services.

Additional Benefits Of Our Small Business Retirement Services

  • We handle all your plan compliance, from testing to tax form preparation
  • No employer match or profit sharing required
  • Retirement Plan Design Illustrations (SEP, SIMPLE, 401ks and Cash Balance plans)
  • We act as a 3(21) fiduciary for all our 401(k) clients, and can also act as a 3(38) for clients looking for additional protection!

Start A Small Business 401k Today!

Let us help you select the right plan for your business! We want you to receive the best possible service for both you and your employees while making retirement planning easy.

Contact us for a free review of your 401k plan needs or call 614-396-7652.