Retirement Services & Financial Advisors​ - Serving Columbus & Beyond


Financial Advisers are the life blood of the retirement plan industry. Whether you're an adviser with one retirement plan who is not looking to expand your retirement plan business, to a financial adviser dedicated to the retirement plans space, we want to be your Third-Party Administrator (TPA) solution. We are not like other TPAs who focus on just the administration; we also want to provide you the tools to be the best financial adviser for the retirement plans you serve. This means we share our Fiduciary Best Practices along with other tools, forms, with training available around the fiduciary process. We also offer assistance throughout the sales process, assisting on all aspects of the retirement plans you work with and consult for firms looking to expand their retirement plans' book of business. 

We do this through some pretty simple ideas:

  • Deliver Superb Customer Service! Retirement plans are complex, but treating your clients with a level of service that exceeds their expectations doesn't have to be. We do this simply by providing prompt attention and proactive answers, always delivered by professionals who want to give great service.  

  • Provide Accurate Results! "To err is human, to forgive is divine." This is no way to run a business centered around information and results from that information. The entire purpose of a TPA is to digest all of the information provided by the employers to produce results they can trust are accurate if they are audited. Too many TPAs forget this and accept mistakes as a cost of doing business, and while we don't claim to be infallible, we are not in the business of making mistakes. 

  • Cultivate Tailored Solutions! Every plan is different, and we recognize this. While one employer may have identical plan demographics as another, it's their goals they are hoping the plan will accomplish that determine the solutions that should be offered. We listen to not only what is being said, but use our expertise to listen for what's not being said too, and use this to provide a tailored experience focused on successful and measurable outcomes. 

  • Utilizing Technology! Our industry is plagued with dated practices, such as mailing, faxing, and emailing confidential employee data. Starting in June 2015, we will replace this method with a proven system that allows clients to upload this same data, and have it instantly verified after checking for common mistakes in the data. Additional tools that set us apart are workflow solutions that provide updates to clients when transactions have taken place, online scheduling with your point of contact, and of course online meetings. While we pride ourselves on our service, we hope these and other tools will continue to provide a convenient online resource as well.

Most importantly, we know this is your client relationship that you are trusting us with, and we manage the relationship through the direction you provide. From advisers that want to be in on everything to those that want to trust in our service and have a more hands-off approach, we accommodate all. We realize this is your relationship, and just like a successful member of any team, we trust the play caller to determine our best course of action for success, the same way we know you will trust our expertise as we work with your plan.