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You're not a 401(k) expert, and we don't want you to devote time from running your business to be one either. You want to make sure to stay current with industry trends, fees and regulations, so it's easier to meet all you obligations and keep your company's retirement plan on track. We offer you a simplified approach to managing your business's retirement plan by providing a local point of contact to manage it all for you, while utilizing service and technology for retirement plans (401(k), 403(b), Profit Sharing, and more). 

Introducing your Institutional Solution, where your point of contact can act as both your Retirement Plan Administrator, and Retirement Plan Advisor. Providing you an insured 3(21) fiduciary for your plan. As a Fiduciary, this allows us to take on many of your fiduciary duties while being held to the same fiduciary standard as your business. 

Our primary focus is to help your company and its employees prepare for retirement while keeping your business protected. Below is a list of some services offered. Rest assured though, this is only an overview of what we can do to help you! 

401(k) Advisor Services

Bullet Life,Inc_IconTransperant.pngInvestment selection and monitoring
Bullet Life,Inc_IconTransperant.png3(21) Fiduciary Services
Bullet Life,Inc_IconTransperant.pngCustomized Investment Policy Statement (IPS) & Education Policy development
Bullet Life,Inc_IconTransperant.pngFiduciary support, education, and documentation
Bullet Life,Inc_IconTransperant.pngParticipant education tailored to your company, and it's goals
Bullet Black_0.pngAccess to private wealth tools, Riskalyze
Bullet Life,Inc_IconTransperant.pngService and fee benchmarking, with continued monitoring

Retirement Plan Administrator Services

Bullet Life,Inc_IconTransperant.pngPreparation & maintenance of the plan's adoption agreement and supporting documents
Bullet Life,Inc_IconTransperant.pngAll year-end reporting and compliance testing (ADP/ACP, Top Heavy, Coverage, etc.)
Bullet Life,Inc_IconTransperant.pngAnnual government forms (Form 5500 & schedules, 8955-SSA, SAR, etc.)
Bullet Life,Inc_IconTransperant.pngContribution calculation preparation and allocation
Bullet Life,Inc_IconTransperant.pngProactive monitoring of your plan throughout the year (Loan Defaults, Vesting, etc.)
Bullet Life,Inc_IconTransperant.pngFiduciary support for your plan
Bullet Life,Inc_IconTransperant.pngLarge plan audit support, if applicable
Bullet Life,Inc_IconTransperant.pngReconciliation and record keeping of trust assets
Bullet Life,Inc_IconTransperant.pngDistribution and loan processing
Bullet Life,Inc_IconTransperant.pngDetermining employee eligibility
Bullet Life,Inc_IconTransperant.pngMaintaining and updating participant vesting
Bullet Life,Inc_IconTransperant.pngParticipant statement preparation
Bullet Life,Inc_IconTransperant.pngReview of participants for any required minimum distributions
Bullet Life,Inc_IconTransperant.pngPrepare employee notifications (Safe Harbor, 404(c), QDIA, etc.), and assist in the distribution*
Bullet Life,Inc_IconTransperant.pngTerminated participant force out identification and support
Bullet Life,Inc_IconTransperant.pngProactive plan design suggestions to keep your 401(k) meeting its goals
Along with these services, we provide flexibility in our process and work hard to accommodating requests beyond our essential services.  We want you to receive the best possible service for both you and your employees while making it as easy to manage. Click the link below to a set up a Complimentary Review of your plan where we can begin to highlight ways we can impact your retirement goals.

*Additional fees may apply for shipping and printing, but electronic distribution is free

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