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Retirement plans come in all shapes and sizes: DC Plans, DB Plans, Non-Qual, 401(k), 403(b), 401(a), 457, SEP IRA, Simple IRA, Roth IRA, Cash Balance, HSA… and any other number letter combinations that you can think of.

Employers: It’s Time for Your 401(k) Year-End Review

The appearance of Holiday lights and Black Friday ads in early November should serve as a reminder to plan sponsors that the year-end is rapidly approaching, and with it, a limited opportunity to review your retirement plan for any changes you may need to make before the end of the current plan year.

Are Your Employee Invested for Retirement or Playing It Too Safe?

The steep uptick in 401k plan trades in reaction to the wild market swings over the last several weeks could be a precursor of a mass reallocation of participant portfolios to more conservative investments.

Five Reasons for Plan Sponsors to Unbundle their Services

Among the primary choices a plan sponsor has when considering the management of their 401k plan is bundled or unbundled. For many plan sponsors initiating a smaller plan, the bundled approach may seem more appropriate due to its lower cost. As many later find out, the lower costs also mean they are not getting the advice they need or are being plagued by hidden fees.

Do Your Employees Understand the Virtues of Market Volatility in Their 401k?

All it takes is a quick 600 point drop in the stock market to fray the nerves of 401k investors. But who can blame them with the devastating crash of 2008 still fresh in their memories. 401k participants lost, on average, 40 percent of their retirement account balances causing many to completely rethink their retirement plans.

Hey Plan Sponsors: What’s In Your 401(k) Plan?

We recently came across a large 401k plan with more than 30 funds in its fund lineup! Sadly, I wish I could say this was the exception, but we actually see this in many 401(k) plans when they first come to us from another provider.

What Question Should Your Company Be Asking About Its 401(k) Every Year?

Just as most 401k plans are unique in their offerings and operations, so too are the investment committees that should be formed to guide them. However, in confronting the critical issues facing employers in the management of their plans, all employers, and their investment committees should address one key question, if not quarterly, at the very least, annually.

What Does the Proposed Fiduciary Rule Change Mean to Your 401(k) Plan?

As is customary with the proposal of any new regulatory rule or provision, the Department of Labor has opened the floor to comments regarding its proposed rule change to extend fiduciary responsibilities to all advisors who work with qualified retirement plans.

It’s not too Late for Older Business Owners to Save for Retirement

Successful business owners are known to be all-consumed with building their business, often investing a substantial amount of their time, energy, and money in their efforts. So, it’s not surprising that many business owners reach a late stage in life without having saved sufficiently for their retirement.

Why is Your 401(k) Performance so Mediocre?

After a rather tumultuous decade in which the overall performance of 401k plans is best described as anemic, we may be entering a period of redemption that could have 401k plan sponsors and participants smiling again.

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