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Every company is different and has varying objectives or goals they are looking to accomplish with their retirement plan. We want you to conquer these goals, so we monitor your plan design to make sure the design will continue to work as your company changes from year to year. We provide a comprehensive report and review it with you each year to keep those goals on track, and also closely monitor your plan for any design issues and opportunities that may better suit your company.

While ever design is going to be specific to each company, we have listed some common questions to consider when looking at your plan design.

What Your Should be Considering Year to Year:

Bullet Life,Inc_IconTransperant.pngAre your employer allocations going to the employees you want them to?
Bullet Life,Inc_IconTransperant.pngIs a safe harbor plan a good fit to avoid refunds to owners or other highly compensated employees?
Bullet Life,Inc_IconTransperant.pngIs plan testing reviewed to anticipate any recommended amendments before they can cause issues?
Bullet Life,Inc_IconTransperant.pngShould all employees be able to participate, or should the plan be more restrictive to reduce cost?
Bullet Life,Inc_IconTransperant.pngWhich is more efficient at getting allocations to the employees you want, match or profit sharing?
Bullet Life,Inc_IconTransperant.pngAre you looking for a maximum contribution to owners or a maximum deductible contribution?
Bullet Life,Inc_IconTransperant.pngAre company demographics about to change in the coming year (hiring more, shifting in age)?
Bullet Life,Inc_IconTransperant.pngDid your company structure change, or could it in the coming year (a switch to Sole proprietor, Partnership, S-Corp, etc.)?
Bullet Life,Inc_IconTransperant.pngIs your company a controlled group, affiliated service group or MEP?
Bullet Life,Inc_IconTransperant.pngAre you looking for other features that increase participation, remove terminated employees, or lower your liabilities(auto enrollment, force outs, etc).?

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Profit Sharing Designs

If your current provider isn't considering these and other important questions, then you may be heading toward unanticipated expenses, or could be contributing more than is needed to meet your company's goals. Contact us for a free plan design review, where we can provide detailed suggestions and illustrations for your plan.
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