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Life, Inc. Retirement Services wants to be your third-party administrator for all your retirement plan needs. Just as we want to make things simple for the plan sponsor, we want to make things simple for you by offering a single point of contact you share with yours plans. This also means you have one person familiar with all your plans so they're familiar with your clients and their needs. In our processes we develop materials specific to your clients and their level of understanding of their plan. We also do an annual plan review with your clients, complete with customized plan review materials. In these meetings we will discuss prior year results, outline potential issues for the coming years and review any changes to the company to make sure you know what to expect from your retirement plans.

      We Are Dedicated to These Principles: 

Bullet Life,Inc_IconTransperant.pngCommitment to our processes

Bullet Black_0_0.pngSuperb Customer Service
Bullet Black_0_0.pngProficient Results
Bullet Black_0_0.pngTailored Solutions
Bullet Black_0_0.pngUtilizing Technology Solutions

Bullet Life,Inc_IconTransperant.pngEmbracing Easy to Use Solutions

Bullet Black_0_0.pngTechnology Solutions for End of Year Census Up Loads
Bullet Black_0_0.pngProviding Simple and Easy Employer Authorization and Notification Systems

Retirement Plan Third-Party Administrator Services

Bullet Life,Inc_IconTransperant.pngInitial and on going plan design
Bullet Life,Inc_IconTransperant.pngPreparation & maintenance of the plan's adoption agreement and supporting documents
Bullet Life,Inc_IconTransperant.pngAll year end reporting and compliance testing (ADP/ACP, Top Heavy, Coverage, etc.)
Bullet Life,Inc_IconTransperant.pngAnnual Government Forms (Form 5500 & schedules, 8955-SSA, SAR, etc.)
Bullet Life,Inc_IconTransperant.pngContribution calculation preparation and allocation 
Bullet Life,Inc_IconTransperant.pngProactive monitoring of your plan throughout the year (Loan Defaults, Vesting, etc.)
Bullet Life,Inc_IconTransperant.pngFiduciary education and materials for you and your plan
Bullet Life,Inc_IconTransperant.pngLarge Plan Audit support, if applicable
Bullet Life,Inc_IconTransperant.pngReconciliation and record keeping of trust assets
Bullet Life,Inc_IconTransperant.pngDistribution and loan processing
Bullet Life,Inc_IconTransperant.pngDetermining employee eligibility
Bullet Life,Inc_IconTransperant.pngMaintaining and updating participant vesting
Bullet Life,Inc_IconTransperant.pngParticipant statement preparation
Bullet Life,Inc_IconTransperant.pngReview of participants for any required minimum distributions
Bullet Life,Inc_IconTransperant.pngPrepare participant notifications (Safe Harbor, 404(c), QDIA, etc.), and assist on distribution*

Additional Services

Bullet Life,Inc_IconTransperant.pngRetirement Plan Consulting
Bullet Life,Inc_IconTransperant.pngFiduciary Workshops
Bullet Life,Inc_IconTransperant.pngFiduciary Services for Advisors in Ohio
*Additional fees may apply for shipping and printing, but electronic distribution is free. 
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